Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laptop Case

Yay I finally have something to post! I have been so busy with getting things ready for my trip to Germany and with work that I have not really had time or energy to be creative. I did need a laptop cover though so I decided to make one. It's nothing heavy duty, just something to keep my laptop safe during travel and in my backpack. I have been in love with this mushroom fabric and wanted to buy it every time I'm at Joann but wasn't sure what to use it for. Well now I finally have a use! I love the way it turned out and I might put one on my Etsy. I will have a very long and grueling flight tomorrow and this will keep my laptop nice and cozy ^_^ Some of these pictures didn't turn out great because there is 100% humidity outside so my camera kept fogging up...

I gotta represent the Chive while I'm in Germany :3

Also I wanted my hair to be a bit brighter. Wasn't planning on it being THIS bright but I still like it. Here is my magenta hair! (It stared freaking out as soon as I walked out into the humid air haha)

Wow I'm even paler on camera lol


  1. Love the hair! Nice laptop cover, it just looks like a comfy cushion and that'll make me want to sit on it.