Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back in the States

Hello my lovely followers :3 I am back in the USA! Woot! I have been working hard to get all my sewing/cosplay stuff together again so I can get to work. I already have 6 Etsy orders which is great and keeping me busy. Oh and my friend made me a beautiful banner for my very naked shop so go check it out! Also trying to get back in a workout routine since when I got back from Germany my immune system was not happy and I not only got sick twice but also had a crazy allergic reaction to something and my ENTIRE body broke out in hives. I have never been allergic to anything before so I'm wondering if it was just a system shock to too many new things. All better now though just have to take a ton of pills which I'm very ready to be off of next week. Been spending lots of time with my Hunter ^_^ So excited to see him, my family, and my animal friends again. Raistlin (my crested gecko) is for sure a boy and has gotten huge. He is finally starting to look like a gecko. I was told it can take 3-4 years for them to get full grown so he is about half that right now.

Sorry for the lack of crafty stuff today. As I said I'm mostly working on orders but my Grell cosplay is in from China and I will be starting on my personal projects soon. I will tear into my Grell cosplay and take some pictures next week. So excited at the killer deal I got on it. I was able to order the entire cosplay from the same company and they threw in some of the accessories (glasses, chain, wig cap) for free as well as a coupon for my next order and some fun little goody bags. They also gave me a bulk order shipping discount so I saved about $40 in the end. I will definitely be using them again as long as everything looks ok when I open it. I will be making some Tiefling horns this weekend for our big D&D game next week. We're all so excited. They have been nice and not played without me and I'm going to try to get them to dress up as well. Hehe any excuse to cosplay! For me and Hunter's Christmas/Valentine's I gave him the F.C. Köln jacket I bought him, a bunch of Ritter Sport chocolate, 007 Skyfall, and made him Bacon Roses. The jacket looks great on him and he loved it ^_^ He got me an awesome Star Wars poster, a beautiful Grimm's Fairy Tales book, a steampunk fashion book, a couple D&D miniatures (I finally have a tiefling to play with now!), and a  Michael's gift card to buy paint for my mini. He also took me out for a delicious sushi dinner and then we watched movies.

 cute and tasty man roses
 nom nom sushi!
Love it
Hunter also got me hooked on The Game or Thrones series. I wanted to read it first but they're so long and I keep hearing so many good things about the show so I broke down and just decided to watch it instead. It was amazing. We watched the entire first season this week. Of course I want to make a cosplay from it now haha The costumes are so beautiful. Plus they would look great at the Raleigh Renaissance Festival. Think that's all for now. I will be posting more interesting things as soon as they're made.

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