Monday, March 18, 2013

Sebastian Doll

I finally was able to make something cosplay instead of Etsy this week. This is my Sebastian Michaelis doll for my Grell cosplay. Pretty happy with how he turned out and can't wait to put the whole outfit together in August!

I also finally did a cake. It was very last minute and FAR from my best work but I think it turned out ok for spending a couple hours to make the whole thing. I will have to redeem myself next year! I just don't have time at the moment to work my decorating magic :( Oh well, it tasted great and my mom liked it so that's all that matters!

 Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, and chocolate butterflies
I made something new to add to my shop from a request. Hope it sells :) I will also be adding a couple more things that people have requested.
 Tofu Kitty :3

I want to try to make a little bit more money before I leave. Kind of hard to make much in a couple months but I have gotten a lot done. I also bought a lot of cosplay/etsy fabric for very cheap! I love you coupons ^_^ Hopefully I'll have a couple more cosplay things to post before I have to leave. It's coming up fast! Only have about 3 weeks left before back to Germany.

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