Sunday, June 2, 2013

Are you as smart as this 11-year-old?

Sorry for the serious, non-craft related posted guys and gals but this needs to be watched and shared. I have been on the organic and (at times) vegetarian and vegan bandwagon for a while now. Ever since my friend introduced me to the book Skinny Bitch I have been very careful about what I put in my body. Sadly, where I live if you are veg or an environmentalist you get called a hippie BUT if you want to support your local farmers the people of NC will back you up 100%. There are more and more farmers markets popping up all over the USA and more people are becoming aware of the food quality in this country. If GMO foods give lab rats cancer and kill off wild life such as the bees we NEED to keep our food growing then why on earth would that get out of the lab and into the supermarkets? Money, that's why. Our country has become one founded on greed instead of the physical health of it's citizens. Other countries don't even allow our food to be sold in their stores because it is so disgusting. I have been to see Food Inc in the theater as well as seen and read other informative things such as Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. All of these have pushed me more and more toward an organic, plant based life style that is better for humans, animals and the earth. This 11-year-old kid talks at TEDxNextGenerationAshville and knows more about this problem than the average adult. Kids are a lot smarter than some people give them credit for. He even shares his personal experience with a family member offering his little cousin the choice between Frosted Flakes and Organic Flakes and the child chose organic. Please watch and share. My health since I've been in Europe has improved dramatically and it's not because I have changed what I eat, it's because the quality of the food has changed. I hope one day soon the USA will wake up and stop putting greed before health and start taking care of it's citizens.
Link to NextGenAshville here

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