Thursday, February 13, 2014

Frozen/Jack Frost Cosplay Progress

After seeing Rise of the Guardians and Frozen my boyfriend and I knew what to cosplay during the snowy conventions! So we started working on our Elsa and Jack Frost cosplays. We are going to Katsucon in February so we should have some nice snowy backgrounds to take pictures in. The hardest part of this cosplay has been Elsa's corset...Sequin fabric is no where to be found and I don't have time to hand sew them on even if I could find packets of them. So I am doing glitter and fabric glue with rhinestone accents instead. This was Hunter's first coplay that he worked on himself (with some help from me of course). He mostly did the clothing parts and I did the staff and helped with the painting. I really want to find a different way to make the staff because it was very fragile and the hooked part doesn't want to stay attached.

The base is wood and cardboard (will make out of all wood and nails next time). Then I wrapped it in papermache clay and painted it.

 Jack's pants and Hoodie after they were painted. I love how both of these turned out.  We used fabric paint for the white and some acrylic paint for the blue details on the pants. 

My Elsa cosplay started out so strong. I found almost all of the material I needed in one trip which (at least at my fabric store) is unheard of. Then I made the length of the skirt the next day so I felt I was doing really well on my time table. And then the corset part came and that part alone took me several weeks just to figure out how to make it since I couldn't find sequin fabric or packets of sequins anywhere. I finally found a girl who came up with the glue and glitter idea and was pleasantly surprised when I was finished. This cosplay will be far from perfect because it's very last minute but I think it will look good for now. 
 I bought these hideous shoes off craiglist for $4. They were originally plum colored with suede and fake snake scales...This is after I painted them blue. 
 And voilĂ ! Now they are beautiful. These are by far my favorite part of this last minute cosplay.
My first time making a corset but I don't think it looks bad. It was just so much work. 
My Elsa wig was made from two separate ones sewn together. 
After sewing and styling.

Hopefully everything will come together nicely. I really want to redo this cosplay later because there are a lot of corners being cut to finish this on time. Stay tuned for Katsucon pictures!

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