Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Day is no big deal in my book. It's fun to give and receive cards and a flower, go out to dinner, and then have some alone time with your significant other. I am not big on my boyfriend wasting $70+ on flowers that are just going to die in a couple weeks or anything like that. It's just a good day to show each other how much you care (so everyday should be like V-day!) My actual V-day night was nice. Hunter took me out to eat at a nice downtown restaurant that had a vegan menu as well as regular food. They had violins playing on the little stage and every now and then they would walk around the tables. The food was pretty good and our server gave me a red carnation before I left. We then rented UP and The Perfect Getaway (both insanely good!) and just relaxed at his place for the rest of the evening. Thank you Hunter for an lovely night and for being such an amazing person!
Friday and Saturday before Valentine's were anything but relaxing. I had to work all day and we were very busy. After that I had to pack up and drive home so I could work on my friends birthday cake. She wanted an ice cream cake covered in hearts since her birthday was on Valentine's day. I had never made an ice cream cake before and was a little worried but I had found several recipes and my aunt helped me out a bit. Long story short, after having several mishaps in the kitchen with missing ingredients and stubborn cake layers, the ice cream layer of the cake would not set. It was in the freezer all day and almost all night before I threw in the towel and had to call my friend. I ended up making her a white cake with vanilla butter cream, marshmallow fondant, and covered in fondant hearts. I only had Sunday morning to do the entire cake, baking and all, so I didn't get to do as much as I had hoped but I got a text from her that night after dropping it off with her parents and everyone LOVED my cake :) She said a bunch of her family wants cakes now and they loved not only the look but the taste of the cake. I was so relieved since this was my first fondant cake and because I wasn't able to make the cake she originally wanted. I definitely have a lot of practicing and learning to do in my cake decorating career. I am really enjoying tackling new projects and learning new things and look forward to my cake making future!
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!