Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Snow Day!

ZOMG everyone! It's snowing! For some of you it has probably been snowing for the past month or a lot longer. For me, this is the coldest it's been all winter and the first snow I've seen in at least a year! I can't wait to make some snow cream ^.^ I hope it sticks enough to at least make some snow balls or a tiny snowman. We are suppose to get about 6 inches so I hope the weather man was right! So exciting. I use to live in Wisconsin and Iowa so I'm use to the snow but the people around here... They run to the store and get bread and milk. That was the strangest thing I had ever heard of when I first moved here. This county is also not prepared for snow, so I can kind of understand why people freak out when it does.

Monday, January 12, 2009


For those of you who know me, you know that I like to be stabbed. I have 8 wholes in my ears, belly button pierced, and 3 tattoos (and I'm far from finished with my body art). I was looking at google images and found this... I don't know that I could ever go that far. Maybe if I could keep my industrial I would do it. Has anyone else ever seen this before? In real life? That looks pretty painful. She must have slept sitting up for a year. I know that was totally random, just thought it was post worthy. Take care!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to school

I know it's been a while. I just havn't really had anything to type about. I don't want to bore my few readers with what's going on in my life everyday; I try to stay food/baking based in my posts.
The last time I baked was for money! After bringing Christmas cookies to some friends and fellow employees, I had 3 cookie orders! Some of the people I gave cookies to also told their family members who have told me that they would pay me for baked goodies as well. I am so ready to just open a wedding and specialty cake store and maybe even a cafe. College is taking too long...If it wasn't for the fact that I want (and pretty much need) a college degree of some kind to fall back on, I'd just be working and living at home. I want to just go to some pay-as-you-go cake decorating classes. Good news is there are some right here near my university. The only thing with that is, I have no oven or room to practice what I do learn in the classes. =/
I have been looking for places to live next semester. There are some pretty cheap places...if I want to live with 2 other people. I would almost like to live by myself though. I have been up at school for 3 days now and my roommate hasn't come back yet. It's actually been very nice having my own space and then just hanging out with people when I actually want to see them, not when I'm forced to everyday.
I have also been trying to find a job. I am NOT going to work at an Outback again. I think if you can make it at an OB you should be automatically hired at any other restaurant. I would like to work at a Barns and Noble or Starbucks. A lot of places aren't hiring right now but I really need the money so I'm hoping I can find Something (even a serving job) in the next month.
I have not been able to cook at school except for with a little George Foreman Grill, until now! My mom bought me one of those electric skillets. I have actually been able to have eggs for breakfast! I love that thing. It makes living here bearable. I just hope my roomy doesn't try to use it; she doesn't wash anything with soap and with my luck she would probably use a metal spatula or something *.*
I'm going Monday to job hunt and turn in applications. I'll also swing by and talk to someone about the decorating classes. I really wish someone on here who has the same interests would talk to me and give me their opinion! I guess I should just do some more searching. *sigh* Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable week!