Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ocean Bracelet

I have taken a break from cakes after my very busy month of March. Instead I made a bracelet for my friend. The design is not my original idea but based on a bracelet she liked by Disney who wanted $70 for it... I cost me about $30-40 to make it. I think it turned out really well for my first time making a bracelet with no instruction. The shells are real ones I found in my collection from beach trips. I have a ton of stuff to make more jewelry so I think after exam are finally over with I will make up so more pieces :) If anyone would like something just let me know! I will have plenty of time over the summer.

Monday, April 4, 2011

To-toro Totoro!

After watching many of Miyazaki's movies, My Neighbor Totoro has to be my favorite. I started getting my boyfriend into his movies too and he also loves Totoro so that's what I decided to make him for his birthday! This cake was so much fun to make and turned out so pretty. I would really like to make more cakes with his characters on it. I also made my boyfriends birthday present which is the nanerpuss from the Denny's commercial. I am starting to get better at sewing with all of the little projects and cosplay outfits. Hope to have more little projects posted later :) Happy Birthday Hunter and Tanner!! <3

Pokemon Cake!

I'm pretty sure my whole generation at least played Pokemon when they were little if they are not still doing so today. Well, my friend is one of those people who still loves Pokemon so for her 21st Birthday I made her a Pokemon cake! Her favorite Pokemon is Luxray so I made a little one out of fondant which she kept afterwards to dry out :) I love that you can do that with fondant. I made a chocolate Pokeball cake with vanilla buttercream and a band of fondant around the middle. I liked how it turned out but because I was rushed and it was really hot out the buttercream started melting...So I was not happy about that. But everyone loved the cake and how it tasted so that's all that matters! Happy Birthday Rachel! Glad you liked your present :D