Monday, July 19, 2010

Homemade Vegan Ice Cream

I have been dieing to make some vegan ice cream since it's impossible to find any around here and it's been SO hot! I don't have an ice cream maker but then I found a method to make it with out one. So tonight I tried it out. It was so much fun! I used the directions from this site and the recipe from this Vegan Ice Cream blog. I made Rocky Road with peanuts, pecans, and almonds. It was fun to kneed the ice cream and it only took 15 minutes! My mom stole a taste and we both agree it turned out delicious! I didn't have arrow root or coconut milk so I used soy milk and corn starch. As I said though, it turned out great. Gir liked it as well O.O

Master Clubs Cake

Made another cake for my mom's friend but this time it was a gift for her friends. I'm not sure what it was for other than it was a church event. She gave me a patch to go off of for the design and then I did my own thing (the dots). I was very happy with how it turned out, it looked just like the patch. This one was a white cake with vanilla buttercream. Glad to have all the cake business/practice. Hope they keep coming ^_^ I'll be going back to ECU in about a month but I hope to still find time to work on cakes. I can't wait to get back to school but I'm not looking forward to going back to Greenville, that place has nothing but at least it's only for another year or so. Anyway, Thanks to all my loyal customers!

Sushi Time!

I have been craving sushi a lot this month for some reason. I have actually had it 3 times this month...I know, I'm bad lol But I love it. So, to save some money, I made some for my boyfriend and I on our date night. I attempted to make dynamite rolls like they make at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. I didn't have the exact ingredients so I just used what I had. I made them with sushi rice, nori, peppered eel (needed teriyaki), lump crab meat, avocado slices, hot sauce spread, tempura flakes, and teriyaki sauce. They turned out pretty and they tasted pretty good but not what I was hoping for. Hunter liked them so that's the important thing :) Also made a really good udon noodle, kale miso soup and served that with left over sushi rice. I made mango Dofu for dessert which was insanely sweet Asian jello. Went to see Predators after that which was REALLY good! Lots of action. I highly recommend it if you like the other Predator and/or Alien movies.

Flower Power

I recently made a birthday cake for my mom's friend. It's a chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream and, what I like to call, Kirby Pink marshmallow fondant <( '.'<). I love how the colors looked together. I love purple ^_^ The only issue I had was after the cake was delivered, it started melting a bit about an hour later. Sadly this is what happens when your air conditioning cannot keep up with the terrible NC heat and humidity. But everyone, including the birthday girl loved the cake. Happy Birthday Maxine!

Sunday, July 4, 2010!

Last Asian one! For today at least... Promise. Not only did I make this nummy lunch but I also made my mom a bento for her dinner before she left for work. Bummed that she has to work on 4th of July but it's ok, going to the boyfriends house instead. Doing a family grill out on Wednesday so I get 2 days of grilling :) I made lightly steamed carrots, broccoli, and zucchini with soy sauce, tuna salad with celery and carrots, a happy rice ball, and some grapes. I guess I did a very good job naming my kitten Yuki; she ate my left over rice and a grape lol Silly little Asian kitty. Wish I had a picture but I didn't have my camera. Next post will be grilled noms :)

Yuki taking a nap after her lunch ^_^

Japanese Breakfast

I have a hard time finding things to eat with all my stomach problems, that's why I went vegan for a while. That's a very hard diet to have when you live in Hickville, NC. I've been watching a lot more anime recently and I've noticed that every dish they eat (and they eat/cook a lot in anime) looks SO good! I would love to move to Japan and eat rice, sushi, and vegetables every day. Since their diet is the healthiest in the world I thought I'd try adding a couple dishes to my every day meals. This morning I made a Japanese breakfast. I have never had rice and miso for breakfast so I had to guess on portion sizes. Even though I only had 1/2c rice and about the same amount of soup, I was stuffed! I couldn't finish my rice which I ate last. I really want to go get a Tamago pan from the Asian Market next time I'm in Raleigh. My tamago turned out alright for using a round pan but they look much prettier when you have the right tools. I'm still not going to eat meat other than fish but I'll incorporate eggs back in I guess. The tamago was not greasy like most eggs I've eaten in American restaurnts. They were light and fluffy and a little sweet. Can't wait to experiment some more! Don't worry, I will have 4th of July stuff to post later =P