Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitty and Yarn Ball Cake

We celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend and I made a new cake! Took a while for her to figure out what she wanted me to make for her but she was happy with what I came up with. I got the idea from a cake book I found a while ago. I wish I actually had the book so I could've used the actual directions but I think it turned out pretty well with me just using the picture as a guide. I made a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and then my homemade fondant. I really need a bigger cake container. I had to wait till 10 min before singing happy birthday to put the kitty on top since the cake lid would've smashed him otherwise. I have more cake next week for my friend's birhtday then my boyfriends then mine! Can't wait,this is such a busy month for me but I'm loving it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Adventures in Gaming

Well I baked cupcakes for RUaGamer?'s grand re-opening last Friday. There was a really good turn out and all my cupcakes got devoured :) Sorry for the lack of pictures but they were nothing special. I just made chocolate with vanilla frosting and yellow with chocolate frosting. Loving my new job and being able to play for free. I finally beat Dead Space at 1am this morning! It was so much fun but it kept scaring my friend who was watching me play (and no, it was not a girl...). I got the pro Military suit for beating the game and it kind of makes me want to play the game again just because I'm wearing that. Since I get to play for free at my job I started playing Dead
Space 2 tonight and so far it's amazing. Hope to beat it this weekend! :D
(Military Suit of Left)
Oh and new pics of my mom's birthday cake soon!