Sunday, November 10, 2013

Carolina Renaissance Festival

Hunter and I went to the Ren Fest for the first time this year. I got to meet up with friends I hadn't seen in a very long time and we had a blast. Plus I made a steampunk outfit for the occasion. I really love how it turned out and I found a beautiful umbrella that went perfect with it at the festival. My photographer friend took all the pictures ( If you would like to see my work and pictures faster please go to my DeviantArt or my Facebook page. I have been really bad about keeping up with this blog since I have so many pages now but I will try my best to keep posting! Thanks for the continued support. You guys are awesome! Enjoy the beautiful pics.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grell Sutcliff

The first cosplay I wore to Dragon*con was Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler. My boyfriend was my Sebastian and he was an amazing one. He got fan-girled on pretty hard haha But I did warn him he would. We were very popular and there were only a few other BB cosplayers which I was surprised about. I guess people have gotten over it but like I said we were still really popular. We were stopped for pictures a lot. I didn't make this costume because it was a lot cheaper to just buy plus I didn't have time. I did make the doll and teeth and I styled the wigs. I would really like to add more to this cosplay later but I was happy with how everything looked for this con.

 We met Abney Park ^_^
And I found Malcolm McDowell

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nottingham Ezreal

 Sorry for my complete lack of posts! Since my return from Germany my life has been very chaotic with trying to sew cosplays in the 3 weeks I had before Dragon*con and Etsy orders. Now that the con is over I have time to breath and can focus once again on my blog, school, and my Etsy shop. I really wanted to make 3 new costumes for Dragon*con but due to time restraints I was only able to personally make one new one and order one online. My big project that ended up taking all my time was my Nottingham Ezreal cosplay from League of Legends. I had started on the jacket before I left but the second semester but I didn't get very far. I was only able to make the very basic parts of the jacket and the goggles (I used my wig from my Heather Mason cosplay).
So when I got back I had to complete the rest of it in 3 weeks as well as fulfill Etsy orders and try to visit family and friends I had missed while studying abroad. I mostly worked on the jacket first since it was the biggest part. I have no idea how long but it took a LOT of hours to complete. Especially that damn trim and gold design. But I was very very happy with how it turned out. The gauntlet also took a while and I ran out of time so it's not perfect but, once again, very happy with how it turned out, especially since it was my first time with Wonderflex. The boot covers took no time and they turned out adorable. 
So here are my Dragon*con Ezreal pictures. Not a ton of people knew who we were which was annoying since I spent so much time on this but it was just because they didn't play (which is odd since LoL is massive). I think we would be very popular at a gaming event or even Animazement since we were last year as Caitlyn and Swain. 
This is my favorite pictures. Taken from our hotel room in the Westin in Atlanta.
 Great shot of the back (hand painted on)
 Swain being awesome


Our friend took great pictures of us and we did run in to some other league of legends people. I even found Yaya Han (famouse cosplayer) and got a picture with her group. 

We had a pretty good time overall. There were way too many people and it got kind of frustrating sometimes. Next year we will know what to do (and not to do) though. I am looking forward to Animazement in May! I will start slowly working on a cosplay a month I think so I can spread it out and not worry about school, work, or shop orders taking up all my time. More pictures are on my facebook cosplay page, Auradell Cosplay, so go check them out :)

Monday, July 29, 2013


When my friend found out I sew she asked if I could make her a stuff Hobbs because that's her all time favorite comic. This was the hardest plush I've ever had to sew. Partially because I didn't have a sewing machine but it was also just very tedious and time consuming. I spent about 20 hours making it. The stripes alone took 6 hours which I did in one sitting and my fingers feel like they're going to fall off haha I am very happy with the end result and my friend was super excited as well. He turned out a lot bigger than I originally thought he would be but that was just an added bonus. Would've liked some better pictures in day light but I just finished at 9:30pm and I am leaving in 2 days to fly back to the USA so I really didn't have time. I love being able to make stuff like this for friends. It's so rewarding to see them light up when it's all finished. Not sure that I'll ever make one again but it won't be for a while that's for sure.

 Laptop for size comparison (he's huge haha)

Yay ^_^

Friday, July 26, 2013

Completed Kyo Kigurumi (Doll size)

I ended up having enough orange fleece to finish my Monster High sized kigurumi! :D I think it turned out super cute and I might add it to my Etsy shop. They have gotten stricter with what you can sell on there so I am having to think up some new ideas. I'm not sure how well doll clothing sells but I am going to try. I would love to make some more but would probably only do so by request. I don't need 20 tiny kigurumis as cute as that would be haha I am planning on making this outfit for myself as well so we'll match. D'awww XD Operetta is not the best model with her poofy hair but it still looks adorable.


I made this a long time ago but apparently never posted it on here. I made this creeper for a friend and it was a huge hit. He's pretty big and I love how he turned out.

Here is the Pig I made as well

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monster High Kyo (Fruit's Basket) Kigurumi WIP

Since I had a bunch of left over orange fleece I decided to make my kigurumi for my MH doll. I want to make one of these for myself when I get back so this was a fun mini practice. I didn't get to finish it (missing the hood) because I ran out of extra fleece so I'll finished it when I get home and post more pictures. This was super easy and I knocked it out in a few hours even with making up a pattern. I used a human size Kigurumi tutorial I found on blogger. We will match when I have mine made, how cute =P

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cute geeky earings

I don't normally post stuff like this but it's supporting handmade small businesses so I thought I'd share. These are so cute ^_^ They kind of make me want small lobes again.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Are you as smart as this 11-year-old?

Sorry for the serious, non-craft related posted guys and gals but this needs to be watched and shared. I have been on the organic and (at times) vegetarian and vegan bandwagon for a while now. Ever since my friend introduced me to the book Skinny Bitch I have been very careful about what I put in my body. Sadly, where I live if you are veg or an environmentalist you get called a hippie BUT if you want to support your local farmers the people of NC will back you up 100%. There are more and more farmers markets popping up all over the USA and more people are becoming aware of the food quality in this country. If GMO foods give lab rats cancer and kill off wild life such as the bees we NEED to keep our food growing then why on earth would that get out of the lab and into the supermarkets? Money, that's why. Our country has become one founded on greed instead of the physical health of it's citizens. Other countries don't even allow our food to be sold in their stores because it is so disgusting. I have been to see Food Inc in the theater as well as seen and read other informative things such as Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. All of these have pushed me more and more toward an organic, plant based life style that is better for humans, animals and the earth. This 11-year-old kid talks at TEDxNextGenerationAshville and knows more about this problem than the average adult. Kids are a lot smarter than some people give them credit for. He even shares his personal experience with a family member offering his little cousin the choice between Frosted Flakes and Organic Flakes and the child chose organic. Please watch and share. My health since I've been in Europe has improved dramatically and it's not because I have changed what I eat, it's because the quality of the food has changed. I hope one day soon the USA will wake up and stop putting greed before health and start taking care of it's citizens.
Link to NextGenAshville here

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kindle Cover

I love my books and my dream house will have a library with comfy chairs and an espresso machine! However, since I am going to be in Germany for another 4 month and want to read the Game of Thrones series, I broke down and finally bought an e-reader. I was not happy about it but I just couldn't fit 5 large books in my suitcase. I am already 30% done with the first book so I might even be reading something else here when I'm done with those. In other words, it was just more practical for traveling than carrying around books. I was disappointed that e-books were the same price as the paper ones. That doesn't make much sense to me but oh well. I didn't want to spend $30+ on a Kindle cover so I thought I'd make my own. My lovely friend Rachel gave me an Etsy gift card for my birthday so I found a pattern and made one myself. I think it is much nicer looking (and a fraction of the price) than the store bought ones. It's a nice snug fit and very padded so I never feel worried about carrying it in my backpack or, heaven forbid, dropping it. I really love this fabric and hope to make more things out of it if I can find it again. The seller gives her buyers permission to sell things made from this pattern so I might add a few of these to my Etsy shop when I get back.

 It has 2 little pockets and one large one on the inside flap

Friday, March 29, 2013

Infestor Plush

I made an Infestor plush for Hunter's birthday! I love the Star Craft Carbot videos so I thought it would be a fun thing to make. It was annoying having to make a pattern from only what I could see in the videos. So there was a lot of trial and error but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I would like to make another and fix some of the things I didn't like about the first one but I don't have time to do it before I leave.

I have been very busy with my Minecraft pigs. I am very thankful for the business but it has made me very tired of sewing after have to make the same thing 5 times.
We also went and got Hunter a tattoo and sushi for his birthday!