Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Cake

Hunter and his brother just turned 21 this past Tuesday yesterday so today I made them a birthday cake. I was going to make a WALLE cake but around 10pm last night I figured out about how long it was going to take and how many supplies I was going to need. It was going to take me way too long on my own so I started brain storming. There was no way he was going to get a regular cake after my awesome chess board cake I made him last year. Hunter really likes the Moonkin form on his druid in World of Warcraft so I decided to go with that. It was so much fun and everyone loved it. I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (his favorite) and then used my new grass piping tip for the decorations. We just got a ton of little wild pansies in our yard so I picked a couple of them to add some more color to my cake. I'm making my cake tomorrow for my birthday Monday! I can't wait! I finally get to have a girls night out. I miss having girl time. I hope everyone has a great Easter!