Sunday, December 14, 2008

NC has no love for bakers

I am finally free! I just finished all my exams Friday and can start to unwind. I did not do quite as well as I would have liked but with everything I've had going on this semester, I was happy to pass with the grades I received. I plan to do better next semester not only because I need to but also because I think I will actually be enjoying what I am doing. I start taking my Hospitality Management classes so I'll be learning about something I can actually use in life and care about. I can't wait to start baking presents! ^.^ I can't believe it's only 11 more days till Christmas. If anyone has any kewl cookie ideas or decorating tips, I would love to hear them =)
Drastic subject change but I want some people's opinions. I have been looking at the only Arts school near me and they really don't seem to offer what I want. I really want to go into cake decorating but there are no baking/decorating schools anywhere near me. I think the closest thing is about 8 states away. I didn't know if maybe I could just work for someone and learn from them or if I really need that degree or some form of school. The place here does offer beginning pastry baking or something like that. For any cake decorators/bakers out there, what did you do? Did you just buy some books and learn on your own, friend teach you, went to school? I would really appreciate some helpful feed back.

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