Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to school

I know it's been a while. I just havn't really had anything to type about. I don't want to bore my few readers with what's going on in my life everyday; I try to stay food/baking based in my posts.
The last time I baked was for money! After bringing Christmas cookies to some friends and fellow employees, I had 3 cookie orders! Some of the people I gave cookies to also told their family members who have told me that they would pay me for baked goodies as well. I am so ready to just open a wedding and specialty cake store and maybe even a cafe. College is taking too long...If it wasn't for the fact that I want (and pretty much need) a college degree of some kind to fall back on, I'd just be working and living at home. I want to just go to some pay-as-you-go cake decorating classes. Good news is there are some right here near my university. The only thing with that is, I have no oven or room to practice what I do learn in the classes. =/
I have been looking for places to live next semester. There are some pretty cheap places...if I want to live with 2 other people. I would almost like to live by myself though. I have been up at school for 3 days now and my roommate hasn't come back yet. It's actually been very nice having my own space and then just hanging out with people when I actually want to see them, not when I'm forced to everyday.
I have also been trying to find a job. I am NOT going to work at an Outback again. I think if you can make it at an OB you should be automatically hired at any other restaurant. I would like to work at a Barns and Noble or Starbucks. A lot of places aren't hiring right now but I really need the money so I'm hoping I can find Something (even a serving job) in the next month.
I have not been able to cook at school except for with a little George Foreman Grill, until now! My mom bought me one of those electric skillets. I have actually been able to have eggs for breakfast! I love that thing. It makes living here bearable. I just hope my roomy doesn't try to use it; she doesn't wash anything with soap and with my luck she would probably use a metal spatula or something *.*
I'm going Monday to job hunt and turn in applications. I'll also swing by and talk to someone about the decorating classes. I really wish someone on here who has the same interests would talk to me and give me their opinion! I guess I should just do some more searching. *sigh* Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable week!

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