Monday, July 19, 2010

Sushi Time!

I have been craving sushi a lot this month for some reason. I have actually had it 3 times this month...I know, I'm bad lol But I love it. So, to save some money, I made some for my boyfriend and I on our date night. I attempted to make dynamite rolls like they make at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. I didn't have the exact ingredients so I just used what I had. I made them with sushi rice, nori, peppered eel (needed teriyaki), lump crab meat, avocado slices, hot sauce spread, tempura flakes, and teriyaki sauce. They turned out pretty and they tasted pretty good but not what I was hoping for. Hunter liked them so that's the important thing :) Also made a really good udon noodle, kale miso soup and served that with left over sushi rice. I made mango Dofu for dessert which was insanely sweet Asian jello. Went to see Predators after that which was REALLY good! Lots of action. I highly recommend it if you like the other Predator and/or Alien movies.

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