Sunday, July 4, 2010

Japanese Breakfast

I have a hard time finding things to eat with all my stomach problems, that's why I went vegan for a while. That's a very hard diet to have when you live in Hickville, NC. I've been watching a lot more anime recently and I've noticed that every dish they eat (and they eat/cook a lot in anime) looks SO good! I would love to move to Japan and eat rice, sushi, and vegetables every day. Since their diet is the healthiest in the world I thought I'd try adding a couple dishes to my every day meals. This morning I made a Japanese breakfast. I have never had rice and miso for breakfast so I had to guess on portion sizes. Even though I only had 1/2c rice and about the same amount of soup, I was stuffed! I couldn't finish my rice which I ate last. I really want to go get a Tamago pan from the Asian Market next time I'm in Raleigh. My tamago turned out alright for using a round pan but they look much prettier when you have the right tools. I'm still not going to eat meat other than fish but I'll incorporate eggs back in I guess. The tamago was not greasy like most eggs I've eaten in American restaurnts. They were light and fluffy and a little sweet. Can't wait to experiment some more! Don't worry, I will have 4th of July stuff to post later =P

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