Friday, May 21, 2010

Girly Polka Dot Cake

I have been dying to make a colorful dot cake! I see them all the time on cake sites and in decorating books but I pretty much only make what other people want. A lady I work with told me she needed a girly cake and left the decorating up to me. She loved my polka dot idea and gave me a few more details like flavor and colors. It was so easy and fun to make. I made the chocolate cake recipe I made in my last cake and my layers didn't shift this time! I think I have finally figured out my evil freezer. Anyway, vanilla buttercream and, as always marshmallow fondant. Her daughter didn't know she was getting a cake from me but had requested that I make one for her. I feel so loved ^.^ She loved it when she picked it up and later told me how good it was. Making 2 more cakes for next weekend...Not sure how that happened but I will be kept very busy for the rest of the month. One more birthday cake and a graduation cake. I love having a different kind of cake order every time :)

Hope you had a great birthday Emily!

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