Thursday, May 13, 2010

Warlock Cake

After making my boyfriend his Moonkin cake, naturally one of my other friends wanted a World of Warcraft cake as well. So for Dylan's birthday this year I made him a cake based on his character, a Blood Elf Warlock. I would have loved to do more with this cake but I only had a day to work on it so I did as much as I could. I used a new chocolate cake recipes from my book Collete's Cakes. It called for coffee and almond extract which made an interesting but amazing (and very sturdy!) cake. I topped it with vanilla buttercream and, of course, marshmallow fondant.
The little felhunter on top of the cake did not want to cooperate but I finally finished him and, at least for the pictures, was able to keep his
little tentacle things to stay in place. I really wish I had taken some picture before the hot, 45 min car ride to my friends house but sadly I was running late already and didn't have my camera. A bubble formed under the fondant and made me very sad but it still tasted great! Just wish I had a picture of it when it was all nice and smooth.

I was so happy to add the little felhunter to my collection! They are one of the reasons I rolled a lock ^.^ Dylan wanted to eat him but he would have either thrown up or gouged himself on one of the 4 wires I used to put it together. Everyone loved the cake which always make the hours I put into each cake so worth it! I have 3 more cakes this month so far so I hope to have lots of pictures for you!

Tanner trying to murder my cake!

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