Friday, May 28, 2010

Killer Week

I have been on the go non-stop this week... I have had 2 cake orders needed for the same day. I believe my teachers have no life because I've had to spend hours sitting at my computer reading online lectures, stories, and writing papers. I am finally caught up (for the most part) now and look forward to at least one day of fun with my friends at Animazement tomorrow. The first cake I made this week was a graduation cap cake for my friend from Panera. Once again this was a first time for me and it was the cake from hell... Everything seemed to go wrong, especially the fondant. I'm wondering if the extreme humidity that has hit NC has something to do with it. I swear when you walk out side it feels like you've run into a wall. Anyway, I finally finished it this afternoon and ran it out to my friend's house.She and her family loved it. I saw her graduation cap and it's the exact same color as the cake. I had been worried about that since it was such an unattractive color but I was right on. I made the top out of fondant and cardboard (yum!) and she wanted a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream again. Hope she and her family like it and that she has a great day at her graduation tomorrow! :) Now I'm working on the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee car. Having never made a carved cake I was really nervous but it's turning out pretty well so far. I just have to finish it tonight since the birthday is tomorrow and I won't be here. Totally off topic, I spent 2 hours and $50 on Joanna at the vet today because when I put her in the tub yesterday she had a hard time breathing. The vet looked her all over and in her mouth. She said she looked totally healthy and her lungs sounded fine. Turns out, lizards can have panic attacks... At least I know she's healthy. She's also gained 150 grams since her last visit about 2 months ago, so she's growing fast! Hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend! I will have more pictures for the cake and Animazement soon! <3 style="color: #cc66cc;">

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