Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have had a very busy day of baking and decorating! I've been wanting to learn to do some decorating on my own and work on building my portfolio. So today I made some vegan chocolate cupcakes and some (almost vegan) vanilla honey cupcakes. I decorated the chocolates with pink buttercream and marshmallow fondant roses with leaves. It was my first time making fondant and only my second time using it to decorate.

The vanilla ones I topped with a circle of fondant and then
made them look like Ace playing cards. It was a lot of work doing
everything from scratch but it was good practice. My friends even
bought them from me so I at least got paid for my work. They
also all said they were delicious! Hoping to play some more this weekend. Enjoy the pictures! Hopefully they'll look even better with a little more practice.

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