Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Joys of Crème

Wednesday in Hot and Cold desserts I got to make my first Crème dishes! What excited me even more was the fact that this meant we were going to be using a blow torch in class! Yay for the pyromaniacs! We first made a tart shell for our Apple Custard Tart. We then made 6 small Crème Caramels. It turned out beautifully, especially since I had never made one before. My teacher also said upon tasting it that it had great mouth feel and looked wonderful. Great was to start off a new class. She also said the same about my -->Crème Brûlèe.Using that blow torch for the first time was a little tricky. Not sure how many Crème Brûlèes I'll be making in the future but it was a lot of fun. Sadly I had to leave before my apple tart finished so I didn't get a picture of how it is suppose to look before serving. I just bought a tart pan at William Sonoma today with a Christmas gift card and can't wait to break it in. Hunter (my boyfriend) has never had a tart before so I intend to make him his first this week. We made beautiful small pear tarts in baking last semester and I have been dying to veganize the recipe so that I may try one as well.

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