Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garde Manger!

Back to school! I have Cake Decorating and Design, Garde Manger, and Hot and Cold Desserts. Cannot wait to dive into the cake decorating but so far I like Garde Manger the best! It's all about how to plate stuff and make you food look amazing. Tonight we made a mayo based dressing, a vinaigrette, and a cooked dressing. The vinaigrette is probably the only one I would ever use again lol Not a big dressing fan. Plus they weren't very vegan with all their butter, milk, and egg yolks. Then we made a tomato rose, an orange basket, a radish flower, a scallion flower, and strawberry fans. I've always loved the fruit and vegetable carvings and they weren't as hard to achieve as I thought! I was worried about this class because it's from 5-10pm but it was so much fun. Did not feel like 5 hours at all. Can't wait to see what else we'll do! I have Hot and Cold Desserts for the first time tomorrow. The first day was actually last Wednesday but I had e coli (we think) and was throwing up for 6 hours Tuesday morning. So needless to say I was not there but my friends told me it was a lot of fun and they got to make bread pudding and cheese cake :)

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