Friday, January 29, 2010

Focaccia and Snow

Last weekend for our anniversary I made Hunter dinner (which is my favorite thing to do!). I usually like trying something knew every chance I get but I'm low on money so I can't get too crazy with it. Soup, salad, and bread is always a great meal so I thought I'd play with that. In culinary class last semester we made an awesome soup called Vichyssoise. It's a leek and potato soup served cold (yuck) but I skip the chilling part and enjoy it nice and hot. That turned out wonderfully! I didn't add any cream to it either just because I'm not a big fan. I also made a vegan Caesar salad dressing. It didn't taste anything like real Caesar dressing but was still pretty darn good. Then there was the focaccia... I have to say I've gotten pretty lucky and most of my first tries in the kitchen turn out fantastic. This one, not so much. It still tasted great! But it turned out more like a bread stick than a big, fluffy loaf I was hoping for. The starter had to ferment for 16 hours, then rise for one, punch down, rise again, spread in pan, then rise for 2 and 1/2 more hours! My house is pretty cold unfortunately and I think maybe that was the reason it didn't rise like it should have. But it was still a lovely, delicious dinner and of course Hunter ate up everything :) That's all the thanks I need.
Finally after waiting all winter we have snow! It is suppose to snow 6-12" all together. That's the most snow we've seen in a couple of years. I'm suppose to still be going to work tomorrow but I like at the bottom of a hill...There might be no way out lol At least that will give me plenty of time to play and make snow men! Hope to have more pictures up tomorrow.

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