Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Goodies

I plan all year for Halloween weekend and then it's over so fast. My friend and I decided to finally have a bake party this year. I made some recipes I had and some new ones but they all turned out great :) I started my day off right with a lovely Halloween green smoothie. So tasty and healthy, maybe it canceled out a couple of the cookies I had later that night ~.^
I spent all day baking for what turned out to be only 9 people but everyone that was there loved my baked goods and we all had a great time. I made my personal favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe that I found on Vegweb. I love playing with it by adding cinnamon or chunky peanut butter and they always turn out delicious.
Next I made vegan red velvet cupcakes with not so vegan cream cheese frosting brains. I usually don't care for frosting but this stuff was perfect! Turned out to be a great consistency and not too sweet (if there's such a thing when it comes to frosting).

I lov
e this time of year for all of the spice and pumpkin recipes so I had to make some pumpkin cupcakes. I topped theses with a thin layer of the left over red velvet icing as well as fondant ghosts. They were so much fun to make and I love the way they turned out!

I wanted Hunter to help me with the baking (just because I love when he helps ^.^) so I waited for him to make the sandwich sugar cookies. I bought the c
utters a year or two ago at a William Sonoma sale and was so happy to finally use them. They did a good job but the cookies were so time consuming we were almost late for the party. I'm glad I made them though since they were everyone's favorite. Since I didn't really have the time or the money to get all vegan ingredients, the chip cookies and the red velvet cupcakes where the only vegan items.

Ms Yuki also decided to help by trying to ninja all of the goodies when I was not looking.

We had a great night with our friends and dressing up which is my favorite part of Halloween. I was able to find pretty much everything for my Heather Mason SH3 costume and what I couldn't find I improvised.
Hunter was The Spirit from the movie but didn't want to wear his mask in the picture so he's just dressed as my arm candy ~.^ The rest of my Halloween weekend was spent watching movies with Hunter and studying for my awesome chemistry exam which was this morning at 9am! Thanks teacher ^_^ I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for an awesome month of Vegan food with the 4th Vegan MoFo! This is my first time signing up and I hope I don't disappoint! I will try my hardest to post Something vegan everyday like a good blogger. :)

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