Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 5

Ok, I know this is kind of cheating since it's not food but now that it's cold I have found myself drinking a soy chai latte at least once a day. Because I of Hiatal hernia I can no longer really enjoy coffee but I find my chai even better. How ever, I am getting tired of blowing $4.30 at Starbucks because they charge me extra for soy...even though it's the same price as regular milk now -_- Sooo I came up with an easy way to make this at your house and save a trip and money.

You'll need:

Chai tea bags
Soy/almond/rice milk (I use almond)
Emulsion blender (or if you're lucky and have money, an espresso machine with a steam wand)

Since in the cafes they use a concentrated chai blend, one tea bag it's going to cut it. If you use fresh tea leaves or the stingless teabags (which are stronger) one should be fine (or a half filled tea steeper) but you'll need 2 tea bags of the kind with the string if you want that strong chai flavor.
Add 1 cup milk of choice to a sauce pan and turn heat to medium and then add 1/3 cup water. Add tea bag(s) to the milk mix and slowly bring to a boil stirring occasionally.
Once the milk starts to boil, turn off heat and remove tea bag. Now is where you can use the emulsion blender or steam wand or even just pass the mix back and forth between the pan and a cup or bowl until frothy since that's part of what makes it a latte.
Add honey for your preferred sweetness and enjoy on a cold morning! :)
(I did not take the lovely picture but found it on photobucket)


  1. I think you're better off making your own, but if you have a starbucks card, they won't charge you extra for the soy milk and you can get free flavor shots, too.

  2. Yeah I have that curd but have yet to receive any rewards. Plus I just can't rationalize spending $3-4 a drink. Can't wait to get an Aerator so my drinks will be frothy. :)